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Kingfisher at Penllergare Valley Woods Upper Lake Aug 2015 - Brian Meredith 3

Kingfishers at Upper Lake

  We are seeing a welcome return to the wildlife following the desilting of the Upper Lake in 2014. The vegetation along the bank side is regenerating and we’ve had Mallards and Moorhens hiding in the reeds.  We’ve also had reports of at least 1 Kingfisher perching on the East Bank of Upper Lake. However, on Thursday…
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11th August 2015 0

The Pink Penllergare Grasshopper

Spotted on Thursday 23rd July 2015 Female Meadow Grasshopper (Chorthippus parallelus ) – Photo credit Pete Hill

24th July 2015 0
Penllergare Valley Woods - Toad Rescue Equipment

Toad Rescue

This morning we checked our drains in the car park, which are essential for road drainage. However, they can also act as pitfall traps when small animals, including mammals and amphibians, fall through the grid and become trapped. One solution is an ‘escape ladder’. Studies by RAVON in the Netherlands have shown that an open…
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25th June 2015 0
Penllergare Stumpery

Penllergare Garden Volunteers – The Stumpery

Penllergare Garden Volunteers – The Stumpery This area has been planted with native species, rich in nectar, to attract bees and butterflies. In time the oak stump will support lichens, moss and small ferns

24th June 2015 0

First Swallow of 2015

Thanks to Woodland Ranger Volunteer Brian Meredith, we’ve had our first Swallow record for 2015 at Penllergare Valley Woods, photograph taken down at Cadle Mill on 22nd April.

27th April 2015 0

Goosander diving and preening on Upper Lake

Early on Sunday morning, a goosander was spotted by volunteer Brian Meredith and visitor Fiona Edwards on Upper Lake. According to the RSPB, these handsome diving ducks are a member of the sawbill family, so called because of their long, serrated bills, used for catching fish. It particularly loves salmon and trout which must mean that ecosystems…
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1st February 2015 0

Frogspawn in January!

Frogspawn – a myriad of black, shiny pearls – has already been spotted in a pond in the south of the Penllergare estate near Cadle. Normally frogs return to ponds in February or March to lay frogspawn but this year it seems they have returned early. They may have unfortunately been fooled by unseasonably warm weather…
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27th January 2015 0

Spring is on its way

Snowdrops and wild daffodils are starting to appear on the woodland floor at Penllergare. Did you know that our woodland volunteers have planted over 3000 Tenby daffodils and 2000 snowdrops over the last 12 months? They have also planted many other varieties in the grassy area between the coffee shop and the terrace garden including…
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27th January 2015 0

Fungi Foray Fun

Did you know that a Girdled Knight and a Burnt Knight were found in the woods in November? No it’s not another TV production, but two species of fungus found by the Glamorgan Fungus Group on their recent fungi foray. In all they found 33 different species of fungus with some wonderful names like ‘Blusher’,…
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4th January 2015 0
Water Vole

Rare water vole found at Lower Lake

Exciting news – a water vole has been spotted and photographed at Lower Lake proving the importance of Penllergare as a green corridor for a diverse range of wildlife. According to the Wildlife Trust, the water vole is Britain’s fastest declining wild mammal and has disappeared from many parts of the country where it was…
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10th December 2014 0
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