Phase Two – Walled Gardens

Penllergare Valley Woods – Phase 2 development -The Way Forward

Building on The Penllergare Trust’s successful restoration of Penllergare Valley Woods, the Trust will not rest on its laurels but instead is planning to restore even more of the Victorian estate by acquiring the lease on the walled gardens that have been left undisturbed for more than 50 years.


















This exciting new project, to be funded by the Heritage Lottery Fund, is designed to breathe new life into the old walled gardens and protect the ruins of the Vinery and Orchid house. In addition, the Penllergare Trust plans to clear a large area adjacent to the walled gardens which is presently over grown. This area will become a lawn with a network of paths which will be designed to allow visitors to access the unique range of plant collections that will provide colour and interest throughout the year. The pathways will afford visitors a spectacular view over the upper lake and waterfall.

The Trust is confident that with the range of attributes already present the addition of the walled garden and surrounds could result in Penllergare Valley Woods becoming the most interesting and diverse outdoor visitor attraction in South West Wales.

The plan below shows a bird’s eye view of the proposed Phase 2 development with its new visitor and exhibition centre.


The new gardens will feature several collections such as Azaleas, Rhododendrons, Acers, and Daffodils. The latter were a particular favourite of Sir John Talbot Llewelyn and the picture below shows Sir John and his head gardener in the walled garden in 1904. In the background you can clearly see the Vinery which we plan to restore as part of the development.

















Becky Keeble-Payne, Head Gardener at Llysdinam, kindly provided a gift of five pots of one of Sir John’s original daffodil hybrids. This exciting addition to our daffodil collection brings the number of varieties to 33 and will provide additional colour right through into May. Work on this exciting new project is hoped to start in June 2018 and is planned to be completed by 2020.


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