Mrs Dillwyn Llewelyn’s Recipe Collection

Mrs Dillwyn Llewelyn’s Recipe Collection – priced £6 

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This little booklet is unique to Penllergare. First and foremost it is a recipe-book with a difference! Of course Emma Dillwyn Llewelyn had nothing directly to do with it except for having lived at Penllergare nearly 200 years ago. The Friends of Penllergare have ‘unlocked’ their imagination and pretended that it is the sort of collection of recipes a ‘lady of the house’ would have assembled over the years, knowing that they were enjoyed by her family and guests, and which she could hand over to each new cook that came into her employ. Emma would probably have called it her ‘book of receipts’.

However, the Friends are very much aware that these days ‘cooking’ isn’t everyone’s cup of tea! So we have added to the ingredients some wonderful photographs of our favourite place by Carey Beor, flavoured them with a few anecdotes and pictures of the family who lived there, and mixed it thoroughly with a collection of quick and easy recipes contributed from our Friends’ own kitchens. So forget ‘ready meals’ for a while and whet your appetites with this culinary and visual feast!

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