Penllergare Promises

Unattended and unloved for more than sixty years, the Penllergare Trust set about restoring Penllergare Valley Woods for the people of, and visitors to, Swansea. Their years of hard work and dedication paid off, as we now welcome more than 150,000 visitors a year. Penllergare Valley Woods offers an utterly unique experience all year-round, there truly is no place like it in Swansea.

From a warm welcome at our Coffee Shop, to spectacular scenery across the valley, Penllergare has something for everyone. Read below for a taste of what to expect on your visit, and to discover the best time of the year to see our rhododendrons, azaleas, daffodils, and bluebells.

The work at Penllergare is always ongoing, and the Trust continually focuses on new projects that promotes history and conservation, and that gives back to the community. Check out our News & Events page to keep up with everything that is happening here at Penllergare.